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Photo by AJ Design & Photo

Who We Are...

Hey all, I’m Danielle, the brunette behind the camera and social media manager! I started this journey into photography in 2014 when I was in college for Graphic Design. I slowly transitioned into a full time photographer and it has been such a blessing in my life. 
   Seth, my husband and best friend, is a full time software engineer. He joined me to build our business in 2019 and it’s been everything!  We love to be creative and are up for any ideas you throw at us!
   Our business is not separate from us, it is an extension of who we are. We do not take that lightly as we hold ourselves, and our business, to high standards when it comes to capturing your special moments. The biggest part of us is our hearts to serve and love others that comes from walk with Christ. We believe in loving people like Christ above all else and using what we do to bless others.  

Photo by AJ Design & Photo

About Our Business
• We’re super down-to-earth and easy going! We often spend our sessions laughing and having fun.
• We specialize in natural light photography, no flashes unless necessary!
• We love candid and action photos. 
• We specialize in couples and engagements.
• We believe in quality photos for a good price. You get exactly what you pay for. Full, high quality, digital image galleries are included in all of our packages.
• We are based in Ashtabula, Ohio but we love adventuring! Reach out to us if you are looking for elopement photographers!

Our goal is to tell your story through our lens. We love meeting new people and creating artistic emotion with our photography. We love adventure and capturing moments that have movement and depth to them. We want our photos to speak for themselves and leave you remembering a feeling.

Let’s Create
Ready to go on an adventure? Send us a message! We can’t wait to get to know you and tell your story! 


More About Us...

The Rezatek’s
Rezatek is the phonetic spelling of our last name, Rzeszutek. We really wanted our business to be a personal reflection of ourselves. Our first thought was to use our last name, but we knew that it would be impossible for some to pronounce or even spell. So we got creative! Fun fact, Rzeszutek is a Polish name and has many different spellings and pronunciations. 


I’m the one that you will see at every session and leading every wedding. I often wield two cameras and roll on the ground to get good shots! I work full time as owner, photographer, editor, graphic designer, social media coordinator, and anything else business related. I guess you could call me the founder of this company. I’ve had a camera in my hand for most of my life and a pencil in the other! I didn’t pick up photography professionally until 2014 after I had taken classes in college. I’ve been learning and growing in photography since then and I love every second of it! 
I’m super personable, down-to-earth, and an easy going person. I love to laugh and have fun on my sessions! I often ask my clients to tell each other jokes because laughing photos are my favorite. I enjoy spending my free time with my husband and family, traveling, or painting. 
I have a degree in Graphic Design from Lakeland CC // Certificate in Web Design // Commercial Photography Classes

I’m a full time software engineer and part time photographer! I often second shoot for weddings and some engagement sessions. “When in doubt, look at Danielle!” I am very outgoing and personable, I love starting conversations with clients. I tend to crack a lot of jokes and like to break the ice with clients to keep things fun.  I’m always on the look out for different perspectives and lighting for photos. I love nature, tech, Tesla, gaming, gardening, and plants. I have an entire collection of succulents and can’t help but pick up more wherever I go. I also enjoy adventuring to new places with Danielle. In my spare time I create pixel art at Firith Studios, a game studio ran by a group of my friends.
I have a degree in Software Engineering from Lakeland CC